Hepatron 85% is used as an effective replacement of methionine and choline. Nitrogen compound of plant origin. Activates lipid metabolism in the liver. Normalizes the level of triglycerides in the blood, is involved in metabolic processes, promotes energy production. Betaine is a great hepatic protector and is one of lipotropic substances that prevent fatty liver. Betaine is a source of methyl groups in the reactions of synthesis of the amino acid methionine. In the feeds and premixes, it is inert towards other components. 


  • normalizes digestion, improves absorption of nutrients
  • reduces the number of diarrhea cases
  • mitigates the negative effects of stress
  • reduces the cost of mixed feeds
  • improves the metabolism of fats and proteins
  • inhibits lipid accumulation
  • prevents fatty liver
  • enhances the detoxification function of the liver
  • increases the shelf life of animal feeds, concentrates and premixes
  • reduces the cost of feeding by lowering the application rate of methionine and choline chloride
  • increases the meat yield

Dose: For hepatic protector effect: 50 g per animal daily

Choline saving effect: Up to 170 g/ton of feed

Packaging: 25 kg bags