Soybean meal is a high-protein type of meal that is obtained in the process of production of oil from soybean seeds. Soybean meal contains a wide range of minerals, amino acids and proteins. It is used as a basis for the production of various mixed feeds. It is one of the most high-quality products of plant origin for feeding of farm animals. Soybean meal is well absorbed, and, in terms of biological value, it is close to proteins of animal origin. Therefore, it may be said that soybean meal is rich in full value digestible protein. Soy feed are fed to animals of any breed, sex or age group. Especially good are they for young animals and poultry.
The product undergoes strict quality control. Our soybean meal is certified and complies with the industry standards. It is accompanied by a veterinary certificate and a certificate of quality.
Delivery - by road.